Get trained at NEN and a wide vista of career opportunities open before you. NEN provides courses that are relevant to the Travel & Tourism industry. Hands-on training is given to students to prepare them to start working in various segments of the ever-growing industry. In addition to the chance to work with the most prestigious travel offices in Egypt and the Middle East, you have employment options in the following segments of the Travel & Tourism industry:


Number of Airlines operating in, and from Egypt has grown significantly in recent years. There are many new Low Cost Carriers operating both domestic and international flights.


Airports need staff to manage the check-in counters of many airlines. As there is development in tourism infrastructure, many airports are upgraded and new airports are opened around Egypt, opening more job opportunities for trained personnel.

Travel Agencies

As the numbers of passengers are increasing every year, the numbers of travel agencies are also growing. Travel agencies need staff to make bookings, handle accounts and also for customer handling. NEN training will prepare you to work in a travel agency or one day start a Travel Agency of your own. We also prepare the students for the internationally recognized IATA diploma examinations, conducted periodically by International Air Transport Association, Montreal.

Tourism Offices

Tourism is a major source of income for many countries. Tourism promotion is a priority with countries dependent on tourism traffic. Many countries have started their offices in major cities in Egypt for tourism promotional activities. There is a great employment opportunity for tourism experts and destination specialists to work in these organizations.


Many of the Airlines around the world have outsourced their accounting and back office functions to companies in Egypt. Some Airlines have started Egyptian subsidiaries to look after the back office functions. NEN prepares its students to work with these companies.

Cargo Agencies

Some NEN centers also offer training in Cargo Handling. There is a great demand for trained staff in Cargo Agencies and Freight forwarders in Egypt and abroad. Airlines also need trained cargo staff to look after their cargo operations, which is big business in Egypt with a growing export business.

Corporate Houses

All large companies have personnel travelling around the world on business all the time. They need Travel Managers to plan and book the travel for their managers and executives in an efficient and cost-effective way. Travel Managers handle the travel administration of the company and deal with travel agents to get the best deal for the staff. Knowledge of computerized reservations and fares will help the Travel Manager to understand the travel requirement.

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