- Prepare yourself to start your career as an airline cabin crew member.
- Become aware of the cabin crew profession, its origins and current practices.
- Understand aircraft types and cabin crew function.
- Learn how to manage passenger interactions in a vanety of circumstances.
- Know about diffrent types of emergency and safetly producers.

Key Topics
- The cabin crew as a profeesion.
- Landing the job.
- Cabin crew lifestyle.
- Introduction to aircraft and aviation familiarisation.
- Crew member coordenation and communication.
- Customer Service.
- Managing passenger interactions.
- Safetly and emergency procedures.
- Medical emergencies and medical training.
- introduction to dangerous goods and hazardous materials.
- Aviation Security.
- Service procedures.

Who is this certificate designed for?
This course is designed for entry-level staff and is a must for anybody interested in a career as a member of a cabin crew.

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